Do you teach breathing?
Often people asked this question because they have heard that breathing patterns will help with the pain of labor. Yes, we do teach breathing patterns to train the laboring mom how to receive good oxygen intake and to help prevent hyperventilation.

Do you prepare couples who desire to have medication in labor?
Yes, we inform you of anesthesia and analgesics that are available to you.

Do you prepare couples that would prefer to not have medication in labor?
Yes, we give you practical training that will enable you to go without medication if you desire. We also offer labor support for those who request.

Since this is a Bible class, is this class denominational in any way?
We are happy to report that people from all church backgrounds enjoy our Bible studies.

Are these classes for both the husband and the wife?
Yes, our classes prepare both the husband and the wife. If you are single, we suggest that you attend with a support person that will assist you in your labor.

Will I need to attend a hospital class or a Lamaze class?
No, our class is comprehensive and will totally prepare you for your baby’s birth.

Is this class appropriate for those who have given birth before?
Definitely, we find that couples who have had children often appreciate the class even more because of their past experience.

At what gestation in my pregnancy should I take these classes?
It is good to time your attendance so that you will complete the classes within four weeks of your due date.

Will I need to take a separate breast feeding class?
Yes, First Birth Ministries is making plans to include a breast feeding class, but it is not available at this time.
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